His name is Mr. Bumpy (another_masque) wrote in specficbooks,
His name is Mr. Bumpy

I admit it, I haven't read Pride and Prejudice, either.

Although now I suppose I should read it, to see what was changed and/or left out.  I was generally familiar with the storyline at least, and some of the characters.

I was a little leery at first of how this could be pulled off.  It was done pretty well.  It wasn't so much a book about zombies as it was a novel about a time period and place that happened to have a zombie infestation as one of it's many characteristics, like the weather or the layout of the city or the neverending strict social rules and customs.    This aspect of the period was noted and woven into the storyline, but it wasn't overbearing or used for shock or camp value.

The themes of pride and prejudice are well explored.  It's interesting to think of a time when such things were so important, where social norms were so rigidly followed and everyone seemed to be playing a part more than living a life.  A culture so strict seems to border on the absurd.  The additional absurdity of a society that rewards skill in zombie-killing just as highly as dancing or hosting tea parties is delicate and carried out fairly well.

I enjoyed it.  Now I think I shall add P&P to my reading list.
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