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We have a book! I have a sneaking suspicion we have a book due to my post in twiliters but I'm okay with that because I was going to make an executive decision and pick that one anyway since all the books were at a tie.

Anyway, 'points to icon', New Moon by Stephenie Meyer will be our next read. I know some of you aren't crazy about Twilight but if you are going to remotely enjoy one it would be this one. It's depressing and there's hardly any Bella/Edward action in it so I say give it a shot.

Now as you are aware of we are halfway through the month of June so as for when to finish this? I dunno. What do you guys think? I really don't think I can re-read it in two weeks. It is an easy read but I'm super busy right now. So tell me your thoughts.

As for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies I finally have a copy so eventually I will get around to a review of it.

Thanks guys!

Oh, and if anyone wants to read a pdf version of New Moon on their computer I can send it to you.
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